3 Badass Nail Artists You Need to Know About

Posted by Devon Nurre

When most people think of nail art, they think of french manicures with light pink nail beds, but it extends so much farther than that. Out of all the talented nail artists in the world, a badass nail artist sets themselves apart from the rest as nail superheroes! They break all the nail tech stereotypes and use their super skills to contribute to the nail community in their own unique way; that’s why you need to know about them RIGHT NOW!
@DevTheNailJunkie's Top 3 Badass Nail Artists:
 BMC picks Asabree as a total badass nail artist
  • Asabree from Finger Bang Portland - IG: @asabree
  • Asabree is a Portland-based nail artist that stands out amongst the rest with her bold creations.  Many of her designs have been featured in numerous magazines for her controversial style and client requests. Unlike other nail technicians, Asabree does much more than just a pretty manicure; her designs range from trendy geometric patterns to bold political statements hence the reason she is a complete Grade A BADASS in my book.


    BMC's pick for top 3 badass nail artists

    Chichi from Best Nails Club - IG: @bestnailsclub

    Chichi is the definition of sweet and sassy. With all hand painted designs, she always knows how to mix dainty feminine details with a cool modern edge. As an independent nail technician who owns and operates her own tiny salon, she continues to help more than just her clients through manicures. Chichi from Best Nails Club frequently contributes a portion of her earnings to different charitable causes which is why I believe she is a Queen B.

    Eichi Matsunaga is named one of BMC's top 3 badass nail artists

    Eichi Matsunaga - IG: @eichimatsunaga

    Echi Matsunaga breaks all stereotypes as a famous male editorial nail technician. His creations have graced fingertips on fashion runways and international pop stars like Nicki Minaj. Whether Swarovski studded or hand painted minimalism, Eichi Matsunaga’s innovative manicures continually redefine the idea of style, which is why he is an absolute fashion baddie by my standards.

    So, what do you think?

    Which nail artists are total badasses in your book? Share a picture or video of a manicure inspired by your favorite nail artist on Instagram and hashtag #DoYouBMC for a weekly chance to win a free Stamping Starter Box to help you get your groove on.

    Posted: April 24, 2018 10:32AM HST 

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