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Posted by Devon Nurre

At Maniology we always have nail art on the brain but rarely do we think about peticures! This month Becky B. from our Facebook Community shared a story that made our hearts melt. Becky’s job involved using her hands a lot which made it difficult to keep a manicure for longer than a day or two. Instead of giving up on her interest in nails Becky found a new way to channel all her manicure energy!

“I am so excited to see all of the posts on here! I never really thought I could pull off doing my nails as a dog groomer. It never lasts more than a day or two. And forget red! I have a mini panic attack seeing red out of the corner of my eye while grooming. So I have channeled all that creativity into dog nails 😂 with dog specific nail polishes. Until this whole COVID thing where I passed a lot of down time watching tutorials to brush up on my skills and refine techniques. So many of the ladies had fake nails with super cute styles! So I am soaking all of the tips and tricks I am seeing like a sponge. Lol. Thank you all. I am so inspired. 😍

Check out Becky’s happy clients with their perfectly polished paws!

Thanks Becky for sharing your pawsitively adorable creations. We absolutely love them! If you’ve painted your pet’s nails before, tell us your story in the comment section below! 

*Though Maniology is a cruelty free brand our polishes are not created to be used on pets and we strongly do not recommend doing so. Becky used specific dog safe polishes created just for pets.

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