Ohm State of Mind: Get to Know Autumn, the Creator Behind Just a Girl and Her Nails

Posted by Tiana Regan

Autumn, the creative nail artist behind @justagirlandhernails is no stranger to Maniology and to nail stamping.  Shamelessly, we’ve been partnering with her up for a while so going forward with a collaborative nail plate was a no brainer!  This plate is filled with a mixture of sea-tastical and hippy moon child themes, Just a Girl and Her Nails plate will have you in chill-ohm mode in no time. We had a chance to chat it up with Autumn to discuss a little bit more about the inspiration and designing her plate and here’s what she had to say:

Maniology:  While creating your first collaborative nail plate, what inspired you to come up with the designs?

Autumn:  I wanted the plate to really reflect me and my interests/style and I wanted it to be unique with images we haven't necessarily seen before (one of them is even a tattoo of mine!). The whole Maniology team really made that wish come true - every single image on my plate is special to me and I couldn't be happier with it! 🤩

Maniology: What did you feel was missing in nail art that you created your plate?

Autumn:  I think half of my wardrobe consists of tie-dye, so one thing I have always wanted to see was a tie-dye stamping image. Of course the To Dye For plate beat me to it but knowing we share a lot of the same aesthetics just explains why I love Maniology so much!

Maniology: Creative expression - do you have any other creative hobbies outside of nail art?

Autumn:  Not really - I tend to be one of those people that starts a new hobby/project and then quits half way through! But nail polish and nail art is something that I've never wanted to quit, it's a true passion of mine. But I do love painting on canvas and practicing lettering every now and then.

Maniology:  What is a nail art design that you keep going back to?

Autumn:  I looove florals but I'm not the best at free-handing them so they're definitely my favorite kind of stamping design. Leopard print will always be my go-to free-hand nail art and lately I've been really into doing a simple black and white marble accent.

Because there is nothing like meeting someone and playing 20 questions - so here’s what we asked Autumn...GO!

  1.  iPhone or Android? Android
  2.  Twitter or Instagram? Instagram
  3.  Who’s an Instagrammer that EVERYONE should be following right now?  That's tough, there are so many incredibly talented people out there that I love! I could go on for ages but @thenailistaproject, @retronail, @nailthoughts, @nailsbyharlig, & @glitterfingersss are accounts I'm constantly swooning over.
  4.  What’s your favorite food? Pizza
  5.  What’s your favorite band?I never get tired of listening to Major Lazer, Amy Winehouse, and Florence and the Machine.
  6.  Favorite song? Definitely don't have a favorite - there's just too many good ones to choose from!
  7.  If you could master one instrument, what would it be? Definitely the guitar.
  8.  Do you have a tattoo?  Yes - 12 actually!
  9.  Dogs or cats?  Both!
  10. Best gift you’ve ever received?  Hmm...I would have to say my first car which was a graduation present from my mom and grandma. It was a total surprise and I can still remember the happiness and shock I was in when they handed me a set of keys!
  11. What’s your favorite board game?  I don't really like board games but I love playing cards - poker, spades, and Cards Against Humanity (does that count? :P) are my faves!
  12. What’s the last country you visited?  Technically Guam (where I lived prior to living in Georgia) but before leaving, my husband and I had vacationed in Japan! It was amazing.
  13. What’s your favorite color?  Pink and purple - I'm a true girly-girl.
  14. Least favorite color?  Red
  15. Best way to de-stress?  Meditation for sure. I do it almost everyday! 🕉
  16. If you had one superpower, what would it be?  Teleportation so I could travel the world!
  17. What’s your favorite flower?  Orchids, lilies, sunflowers, and roses
  18. Do you bake?  No. I'm horrible in the kitchen!
  19. What is your day job?  Professional NPA (Nail Polish Addict) of course but besides that, I'm a Social Media Manager for a polish company!
  20. Hugs or kisses?  Hugs - unless you're my cat, Spot. He can't resist a kiss!

Ready to get creative?  Get Just a Girl and her Nails stamping plate here.

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