Shop for a Cause: Hazy Rainbows and CYO Science

Posted by Tiana Regan

I don't know about you, but this past Spring has been a very reflective month with a lot of community topics that are important to pay attention to. Many of which have been hard not discussing with those closest to us. Even though we are a small company we do feel like we can make a world of a difference with your help. This month we donating to two causes - our first responders and the LGBTQ+ community. Read more and see how you can participate.

 A nail stamping plate with full nail and accent designs and layered rainbows and lines by Maniology (m147).

Hazy Rainbows launched on June 17th in celebration of Pride Month and in support for equality among our LGBTQ+ community. We know there are many great LGBTQ+ organizations out there but we focused in on The Trevor Project. This non-profit organization offers crisis intervention and suicide prevention resources to those affected and have created several lifelines via phone or text for many who need their services anytime by offering trained counselors to help 24/7. They believe everyone regardless of who you love or what your gender identity is deserves to have a future and feel like their life matters.

When you purchase this plate from us from now until June 30, 2020 - we will donate a portion of the proceeds to this organization.

CYO aka Create Your Own was an idea turn contest because FANS! We heard the outcries from the fans who just needed to see their designs onto nail plates and then onto their own nails. CYO is now a successful collaborative project that we run periodically. This Science themed plate was created and designed back in late 2019 by seven contestants:

  • Adeline P. - NY, USA
  • Leahanne A. - TX, USA
  • Brittany G. - IA, USA
  • Joyce R. - USA
  • Joey H. - USA
  • Ollie O. - Papakua, New Zealand
  • Heather K. - DE, USA

The plan was always to release this plate in 2020 then COVID-19 affected our lives worldwide. Our healthcare workers have been such an integral component in keeping our communities and loved ones safe while putting their lives, skills and families on the line during this pandemic. They are the unsung heroes we want to support.

When you purchase this plate from us from now until July 31, 2020 - we will donate a portion of the proceeds to support frontline healthcare workers.

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