What's in Style Now: 90's Checkered Nails

Posted by Tiana Regan

Checkered nails are always in style, plus if you were a child of the 90s this nail design is just nostalgic! In May, Glamour magazine said this style was the "coolest summer nail designs this year". Now, it's time for you to go completely mental over these nails, doing it yourself while veggin' at home.

What if you could create this look without drawing a bunch of squares on your nails? Who's got the patience. The best part about this look is that one stamp gets you there in a snap. We have a simple way to create this design with nail plate, M156. Spice it up with a colorful neon base (remember all those times you painted your nails in a highlighter color?!)

So, are you full on lovin' it? Don't just tell us, show us! Make sure you hashtag us and show us how you created this look for yourself using #maniology.

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