Why Sarah Stamps: A Daughter's Story about her Mother

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Your Nails! Your Message!
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Nail art isn’t just a “girly little thing” that we like to do. Maybe at times, we’ll match our manicure to a cute top or dress up our nails for some holiday festivity. But sometimes, nail art is an expression of our true feelings and beliefs. A little while ago, we received a beautiful email from a beloved fan named Sarah. Her message captured how meaningful this form of expression is for us nail junkies, and we wanted to share it with all of you:

[To: Maniology]

I wanted to thank you for my replacement stamper heads! I received them a while ago and forgot to say thanks. I also wanted to tell you guys something.

My mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Stage 4 in her lungs and other cancer that had spread from her brain, down her spine, both arms, pelvis and her left leg. Shortly after I received my first orders from you guys, I went to visit with her. My sister had come down from Wisconsin, and we all got together at my mom's house in Kentucky. [My mom] was the original nail junkie. Her nails were always flawless and gorgeous, so I brought all of my stuff down to do up her nails.

After everyone got done laughing about the fact that I still own a Caboodle (gotta keep my stuff somewhere!), she spotted the plate in your Series 3 collection with the ribbons. Whether they were in fact the cancer awareness ribbons or just looked like them, I don't know, but she loved them. I stamped them on her ring fingers, and it was the first time I had seen her smile in months.

She passed away a week and a half later on March 9th, but she still had those ribbons on her nails. The cancer in her brain caused a lot of problems and the rest [of the cancer] kept her in a ton of pain, so she wasn't really herself towards the end. But I will never forget how that stamp made her smile. Something so simple gave her something to be happy about.

I just wanted to let you know that her and everyone else there thought [it] was the coolest stuff they had ever seen. You guys were round-aboutly responsible for making her happy for one of the last times. She was absolutely the original, O.G. nail junkie.


For a lot of us nail junkies, we know that our nails, no matter how small, are a part of ourselves. Nails, makeup, hair, tattoos, and piercings are our own way of proclaiming that “this body is my own absolute work of art.” Sickness, disabilities, scars, and aging aren’t going to make us any less proud of who we are and the beautiful bodies that able us to live, love, and laugh.
Like Sarah and her Mom, Deborah, we love that nail stamping can express so much of our creativity. Whether you do nail art to bond with loved ones or to express your hopes, beliefs, and emotions, we want to hear from YOU. Comment below with your personal nail stamping story or simply answer these burning questions in a short response: Why do you do your nails? And what inspires your nail art? We’ll choose our top 30 favorite stories and responses to be featured in our social posts. If featured, you’ll win a free Maniology Stamping Starter Kit of your choice!
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  • I have always loved polishing my nails and doing nail art. I remember my first nail art that I learned was zebra lines back when that was the trend circa 2007-2010 😂 Then I learned to do cow nails and tribal art. Ah, the good days. The more my polish collection grew and the more time i came to my safe space, which is doing my nails, i realized that doing my nails was actually a form of stress relief. Suffering from anxiety often i find no other hobby or thing(besides prayer) has really worked to kind of take my mind off of my worried or attacks. But i know that feeling of removing polish and focusing on not getting any polish on my skin and finishing up my many with a cool design just takes me to another world. The concentration it requires, i love it. That is why i enjoy doing my nails and doing nail art. A lot of women love shopping for clothes or shoes. My guilty pleasure is shopping for nail polish. ❤️

    Kennetria Dalcour on

  • As soon as I was old enough to dress myself I was a tomboy… I am now turning 30 and that still stands but nails are one thing I’ve learned that can bring out the bit of femininity while I’m still rocking my jeans and tee shirts! A pop of color and stamping just solidifies my being as the girl who always marched to the beat of her own drum!

    I am in no way artistic… I am so not artistic that I had to “ outsource” the art portions of my school work growing up because I just lacked any sort of skills. But as a nanny I love to be fun and creative and let the kids know that I don’t care that I have unicorns on my hands and a tiara on my head because I am confident and happy with it ( I actually picked them up wearing a tiara for what I dubbed fabulous Friday) I was trying to teach them no matter what others may think of your style of individuality if you are proud and confident and fell good nothing can get you down! My nails help me express my individual self and help me spread the word that being yourself and not following the heard is ok and if you decide to be your own self be the best you you can possibly be!

    Alex on

  • I’ve been doing nail for 7 years, ever since I was 13. I started because I saw my friend had newspaper and thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I started doing a different design every week, watching tutorials on YouTube.

    As I grew older, school gave me a lot of anxiety and stress and began to bite my skin around my nails, forming calluses. I began to use nail art as a stress relief and calming activity that prevented me from biting my skin.

    I discovered stamping about a year and a half ago and I found it even more calming than free hand nail art. Now, friends and family are excited to see what I do with my nails every week. :))))))))

    Natalia Rivera Marin on

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