Ahoy Cutie!




Say, "Ahoy Cutie!" with this sweet sea inspired manicure! Get the look with our Beach Vinyls in four simple steps!

Ahoy Cutie!

Here's How

  1. Ahoy Cutie!: Step 1
    On a clean prepped base, apply a coat of Bam! White, then Top Coat.
  2. Ahoy Cutie!: Step 2
    Once the base is dry, apply the Anchor Vinyl directly onto the nail bed.
  3. Ahoy Cutie!: Step 3
    Using a makeup sponge apply Royal Blue, then sponge on the color.
    *Optional sponge on your favorite sheer glitter over the Royal Blue.
  4. Ahoy Cutie!: Step 4
    Remove the vinyl then apply Speed Dry Top Coat.