All the Marbles




Layer different design textures for a different take on marble nail art using the Marble Holo Nail Vinyl collection and Weekend Warrior nail stamping polish!
All the Marbles

Here's How

  1. All the Marbles: Step 1
    After prepping your nails with a Base Coat, paint 1 coat of Straight Up Black.
  2. All the Marbles: Step 2
    Once the polish is dry, apply water marble design, BM-NV131. Press firmly to remove any bubbles.
  3. All the Marbles: Step 3
    Next, dry brush with Astronomical, Empire Club, and Gobi You.
  4. All the Marbles: Step 4
    Then immediately and carefully remove the nail vinyl before the polish dries.
  5. All the Marbles: Step 6
    Finish off with the No Smudge Top Coat for a clean, gloss finish.