Aloha, Spring!




In Hawaii the sun always shines and the flowers always bloom. We say Aloha to Spring with this beautiful blossoming stamped manicure, using our Polynesia plate collection!
Aloha, Spring!

Here's How

  1. aloha-spring-step1
    Start with clean and prepped nails. Apply base coat.
  2. aloha-spring-step2
    Select the flower design on BM-XL108 and pick up with a rectangular stamper.
  3. aloha-spring-step3
    Fill in the flower part with your desired colors with a dotting tool in a dotting motion. Use a light hand! The stamp might smear if you drag on the polish.
  4. aloha-spring-step4
    Fill in the leaves with your desired color using a fine nail art brush and let dry for a few minutes.
  5. aloha-spring-step5
    Apply white polish on top of the design. Making sure that all parts of the design are covered.
  6. aloha-spring-step6
    Wait at least 10-15 minutes so that the decal is completely dry. Lift and peel away at the edges with a tweezer.
  7. aloha-spring-step7
    Align the design on your nails and trim away excess with a mini scissor.
  8. aloha-spring-step8
    Remove any remaining polish with a clean up brush and acetone.
  9. aloha-spring-step9
    Finish everything off with a top coat and you’re done!