Freshen up with a forever beach day manicure!

Here's How

  1. Atlantica: Step 1
    Apply straight vinyls to your nail to create an upside down triangle at the top of your nail.
  2. Atlantica: Step 2
    Create a marble texture by applying dots of Indikon, Bam! White, and, I See Blue onto your Lotus Mat and then blending it onto your Clear Glass Stamper. Apply directly onto your nail.
  3. Atlantica: Step 3
    Once the polish is 90% dry, apply the Holographic Nail Foil.

    *TIP: You can also use Nail Foil Glue for Nail Foils!
  4. Atlantica: Step 4
    Use Monarch Dream to stamp a tie-dye design on Special FX: To Dye For (BM-XL456). 
  5. Atlantica: Step 6
    Add some fun Gold Ocean Sea Life Gold Studs! Then cover the nail art with 2 coats of No Smudge Top Coat.