Awesome Blossoms




Recreate Glitterfingersss Spring inspired Awesome Blossoms manicure using the Family Ties Plate Collection!

Awesome Blossoms

Here's How

  1. Awesome Blossoms: Step 1
    Start by applying your base, using Acoustic Asana. For application instructions, please refer to our How to Gel Your Nails video. Next apply Poli Peel around the cuticle line.
  2. Awesome Blossoms: Step 2
    Apply Eldorado and Angelic White to plate BM-S235. Using your Stamper and Scraper pick up the image.
  3. Awesome Blossoms: Step 3
    Stamp the design directly onto the nail, then remove the Poli Peel. Using a Clean Up Brush and acetone remove any excess polish.
  4. Awesome Blossoms: Step 4
    To finish your manicure apply Gel Top Coat.