Ancient Accents




Let the Mayan calendar tell the ancient Mesoamerican truth on your nails in a beautiful and artful way. Featuring BM-XL404.
Ancient Accents

Here's How

  1. Ancient Accents: Step 1
    Prep your nails with the Calcium Rich Base Coat, and then apply 1-2 coats of Tree of Life from the Mythos Nail Stamping Polish Collection.
  2. Ancient Accents: Step 2
    On BM-XL404, apply Bam! White nail stamping polish on one area of the Aztec Calendar and use your scraper card to spread the polish throughout the design. Then use your Monocle Stamper to pick up the design and apply to the desired area of your nail. 
  3. Ancient Accents: Step 3
    Apply the No Smudge Top Coat and add a couple of Gold Round Studs to accent the design.
    *TIP: Once the No Smudge Top Coat is completely Dry, you can apply another layer of Top Coat to seal the studs onto your nail. The Speed Dry Top Coat will give you a fast, glossy finish.