Black Magik




Let your nails wonder into the darkness of black magic. Our new House of Horrors stamping plate collection will make your Halloween mani give anyone chills.

Black Magik

Here's How

  1. Black Magik: Step 1
    On a clean prepped nail apply Poli Peel around the cuticle line.
  2. Black Magik: Step 2
    With a makeup sponge, randomly apply Straight-Up Black and your favorite grey polish, then sponge directly onto the nail for a “smokey” result.
  3. Black Magik: Step 3
    Using Bam! White apply the polish to the selected design on plate It's Witch Craft/Cabinet of Curiosities (m060), then use your Scraper and Glass Stamper to place the pattern towards the bottom of the nail.
  4. Black Magik: Step 4
    On the same stamping plate, apply Bam! White to a different design. Then use your scraper and stamper to place the design towards the top of the nail.
  5. Black Magik: Step 5
    Remove the Poli Peel then wipe up any excess polish with a Clean Up Brush and acetone. Apply Top Coat to finish. Or apply your favorite matte top coat for a chic finish!