Cheese, Please!




This Cheese is sure to please! Now you can recreate Glitterfingersss' cute manicure using your Parisian Perfection stamping plate from the Around the World Collection!
Cheese, Please!

Here's How

  1. Cheese, Please!: Step 1
    Apply one coat of Angelic White and wait 10 minutes for the polish to dry.
  2. Cheese, Please!: Step 2
    Grab your Noir Black, then select the cheese design from BM-XL153 and pick up the image with your Mega Stamper.
  3. Cheese, Please!: Step 3
    Using your 8pc Brush Set and Orange Acrylic Paint fill in the cheese holes and the sides of the cheese.
  4. Cheese, Please!: Step 4
    Next use the Yellow Acrylic Paint to fill in the rest of the cheese, then apply Top Coat over the entire design.
  5. Cheese, Please!: Step 5
    Wait until the topcoat is completely dried, then peel of the pattern with tweezers.
  6. Cheese, Please!: Step 6
    Paint your nails with Top Coat and quickly place the design on while your nails are still wet.
  7. Cheese, Please!: Step 7
    Using your Clean up Brush remove any excess around your nails then finish with a Top Coat.