Coachella Vibes




Forever have the Coachella Vibes like Glitterfingersss! Featuring the Festival Nail Stamping Plates and Electro Glo Stamping Polish Collection.
Coachella Vibes

Here's How

  1. Coachella Vibes: Step 1
    Start off with clean, prepped nails using a Calcium Rich Base Coat and Poli Peel around your cuticle line.
  2. Coachella Vibes: Step 2
    Next apply Bam! White on stamping plate Music Is Life (m110). Stamp directly onto the nail and then remove the Poli Peel.
  3. Coachella Vibes: Step 3
    Now apply Rave Babe and Mercury Bassline to Wanderlust (m111) and scrap through the design to create a slight horizontal color gradient. With your Clear Stamper, stamp part of the word design on one finger, and the other half to the next finger. Other stamping products used in this manicure are: Monarch Dream, Tranceland. 
  4. Coachella Vibes: Step 4
    Wipe away any excess polish with your Nail Art Brush, and finish off with your favorite Top Coat. For this manicure, Glitterfingersss used a Matte Top Coat.