Cupid's Arrow




Need some love? We’ll hook you up real quick with Cupid’s Arrow, and it’ll only take 3 steps!

Cupid's Arrow

Here's How

  1. Cupid's Arrow: Step 1
    First, start off with applying 2 coats of Bam! White on clean prepped nails. 
  2. Cupid's Arrow: Step 2
    Once dry, place the desired pattern from Holographic Nail Art Vinyls, Hearts Collection, directly onto the nail and press firmly. Using Kandi Spirit and Monarch Dream, paint over the vinyl in various areas of the design.
  3. Cupid's Arrow: Step 3
    Next, peel the vinyl quickly AND carefully before the polish dries. Then, clean up any areas of unwanted polish with your Clean-Up Brush, and finish off with No-Smudge Top Coat.

    TIP: Touch up leaked or missing lacquer in the design with a Detailing Brush by lightly dipping it into the polish and carefully fixing the problematic area.