Desert Daydream




Get the perfect manicure based on today's festival trends using our new Gold Festival Nail Fashion Wraps and Whatever Forever Nail Stamping Polish!
Desert Daydream

Here's How

  1. Desert Daydream: Step 1
    Start off with clean, prepped nails using the Calcium Rich Base Coat. Create a French tip by applying one coat of Rocko Wear to your free edge.
  2. Desert Daydream: Step 2
    Next, cut out the desired cactus design and place it directly onto the nail. *Make sure to press firmly to remove any air bubbles.
  3. Desert Daydream: Step 3
    Cut out the gold line found at the bottom of the eye design wrap, then place it onto the nail, directly under the cactus design. *It's okay if the wraps overlap a little.
  4. Desert Daydream: Step 4
    Then cut off the diamond shapes from the other Nail Wrap in a horizontal strip. Place the design towards the tip of your nail, fold down, and file off any excess. Finish up with a glossy Top Coat.