Devouring Lady




Complete your Halloween look with this ancient Egyptian Bastet. In this manicure, you'll suddenly feel as fierce as this goddess.
Devouring Lady

Here's How

  1. Devouring Lady: Step 1
    Prepp your nails with the Calcium Rich Base Coat. Then apply 1-2 coats of Yummy Gummy nail polish.
  2. Devouring Lady: Step 2
    Paint the bottom 1/4 inch of your nail in a straight line with Lunar Lines polish.
  3. Devouring Lady: Step 3
    Apply Lunar Lines to the bastet design on nail stamping plate BM-S250. Scrape the polish thoughout the design with your Scraper Card, and then pick up the design with your Mini Dual Ended Clear Stamper. Then apply the design to your nail and finish off with your favorite Top Coat.