Electric Youth




Vibe with Electric Youth and stay cool throughout the year using everything from the Forever 90's Nail Stamping Starter Kit.

Manicure name inspired by Instagrammer @kpnailexpressions.
Electric Youth

Here's How

  1. Electric Youth: Step 1
    Clean and prep nails by wiping over nail with acetone. Then apply the Calcium Rich Base Coat.
  2. Electric Youth: Step 2
    Paint the tip of the nail in the color Storm Cloud.
  3. Electric Youth: Step 3
    Take the desired design from the Rainbow Metallic Negative Space Nail Sticker Wrap. Fold the excess nail strip over the free edge and gently file off excess in a downward motion.

    *Tip: You can always cut the desired nail wrap to fit your nail.
  4. Electric Youth: Step 4
    Seal in your nail wrap with your favorite top coat.