Enchantress Mani




Bring out your inner enchantress with this spellbinding manicure.
Enchantress Mani

Here's How

  1. Enchantress Mani: Step 1
    Paint one coat of Yummy Gummy on your Silicone Lotus Mat
  2. Enchantress Mani: Step 2
    Drop a few dots of Storm Cloud and Straight Up Black on top of Yummy Gummy.
  3. Enchantress Mani: Step 3
    With a small dotting tool, run it through the dots to swirl the colors.
  4. Enchantress Mani: Step
    Use your Stamper to press down on the wet polish to create a marbled effect.
  5. Enchantress Mani: Step 5
    After prepping your nail and applying Calcium Rich Base Coat and wait for it to dry. Stamp the marbled design onto your nail, and clean up the edges using an angled brush.

    *TIP: Use the Latex-Free Cuticle Protecting Adhesive Nail Tape for an easy clean up.
  6. Enchantress Mani: Step 6
    Use the House of Horrors-It's Witch Craft stamping plate and pick up your image. Apply Foil Glue onto your nail.
  7. Enchantress Mani: Step 7
    Color in your image using Annato Clay, Red Sea, Red Hot and Sunrise polish.
  8. Enchantress Mani: Step 8
    Stamp the image onto the nail and finish off with your favorite top coat. *TIP: We used No Smudge Top Coat for a clean and glossy finish.