Etched In Stone




Our Crystal & Gemstone Rub-On Nail Decals are the ultimate quick fix for gorgeous nail art! This set comes with 3 sheets of rub-on decals. Use the full nail decals for instant manicures or accent your nail art with some "not-so-basic" basic shapes. These decals feature actual high quality photos of labradorite, turquoise, abalone, and more for extremely detailed nail art. Decal sizes range from 3mm to 50mm, perfect for any size nail.

Manicure named by @nickir_pa on Instagram!

Etched In Stone

Here's How

  1. Etched In Stone: Step 1
    Start off with applying a thin layer of Calcium Rich Base Coat.
  2. Etched In Stone: Step 2
    Select the decal you wish to use and cut it to adjust the size that best fits your nail.
  3. Etched In Stone: Step 3
    Place the decal directly onto your nail, 3/4 down from the tip of your nail. Press firmly and remove any creases or air bubbles.
  4. Etched In Stone: Step 5
    Pull the decal down and then file off the excess decal with a Nail File.

    TIP: Press the decal onto the edge of your nail, and then start filing the excess off.
  5. Etched In Stone: Step 5
    On Chic Peek nail stamping plate, Heart of Stone (BM-XL476), apply the Heart of Gold nail stamping polish. Pick up the image with your Clear Stamper, and place it directly onto the rub on decal. 
  6. Etched In Stone: Step
    Select the straight strip decal and place it slightly lower than the first one. Cut away the excess decal with a nipper or small scissors. Then finish with applying No Smudge Top Coat.