Eye Cross My Heart




Be spontaneous and stamp all kinds of individual nail designs from Stay Weird!
Eye Cross My Heart

Here's How

  1. Eye Cross My Heart: Step 1
    Start with a prepped nail: Calcium Rich Base Coat with Mani Mask around your cuticle area. Then paint 1-2 coats of Bam! White polish.
  2. Eye Cross My Heart: Step 2
    On a makeup sponge, apply all the colors of Electro Glo nail stamping polish collection. Then, sponge on the colors to create a multi-color gradient.
  3. Eye Cross My Heart: Step 4
    On Stay Weird nail stamping plate Teenage Dirtbag (m163), apply Straight Up Black polish. With the Scraper Card, spread the polish throughout the design and pick it up with the Monocle Stamper. Color in the eye with Bam! White, then place it directly onto your nail. 
  4. Eye Cross My Heart: Step 4
    Remove the Mani Mask and clean up any unwanted polish with the French Flat Tip Premium Nail Art Brush.