Finder's Keepers




Get this easy sea glass inspired look with our shimmering Stardust powder, in this Finder's Keepers manicure!
Finder's Keepers

Here's How

  1. finders-keepers-step1
    On clean prepped nail beds apply two thin layers of Base Coat and Poli Peel around the cuticle line.
  2. finders-keepers-step2
    Once your base coat is dry use Stardust and a disposable eyeshadow applicator to rub the powder on.
  3. finders-keepers-step3
    Lightly dip the head of your Monocle Stamper in Stardust until there is a thin even layer of shimmer. Then, randomly apply your selected Electro Glo Stamping Polishes on plate BM-XL205.
  4. finders-keepers-step4
    Using your Monocle Stamper and Scraper pick up the image and stamp it directly onto the nail.
  5. finders-keepers-step5
    Remove the Poli Peel, then wipe away any excess polish with a Clean Up Brush and acetone.
  6. finders-keepers-step6
    Apply a small drop of nail glue. Then place the Triangular Stud at the center base of the nail. Finish the manicure with Top Coat.