Flash Dance




Hit the spotlight in this Flash Dance manicure using Forever 90's Nail Stamping Starter Kit! You'll catch all the eyes gazing at you.

Manicure name inspired by our Facebook Fan, Haydee.
Flash Dance

Here's How

  1. Flash Dance: Step 1
    Clean and prep nails by wiping over nail with acetone. Then apply the Calcium Rich Base Coat.
  2. Flash Dance: Step 2
    Take the desired design from the Rainbow Metallic Negative Space Nail Sticker Wrap. Fold the excess nail strip over the free edge and gently file off excess in a downward motion. Diagonally paint Storm Cloud over the tip of your nail. *Tip: You can always cut the desired nail wrap to fit your nail.
  3. Flash Dance: Step 3
    Protect your nail wraps by applying your favorite top coat.