Fleurs de France




Dress in the summer color trends with floral on a french manicure using a Chic Peek nail stamping plate design and Tropix nail stamping polishes!
Fleurs de France

Here's How

  1. Fleurs de France: Step 1
    After prepping your nails with a Base Coat, create a french tip using Soft Sage polish.

    *TIP: Use a Nail Vinyl to help guide your french tip in the perfect shape you like.
  2. Fleurs de France: Step 2
    Apply Straight Up Black Nail Stamping Polish to a design on Chic Peek Nail Stamping Plate, BM-XL471. With your Scraper Card, spread the polish throughout the design and then pick up the design with the Monocle Stamper.
  3. Fleurs de France: Step 3
    Color in the design on the Monocle stamper using polish colors from the Tropix Nail Stamping Polish Collection.
  4. Fleurs de France: Step 4
    Once the design is dry, stamp directly onto your nail where the french tip ends, and finish of with your favorite Top Coat.

    *TIP: Use the No Smudge Top Coat to make sure your nail art doesn't smudge when applying this gloss finish. If you'd like to matte finish, apply the No Smudge Top Coat first, let it dry, and then apply the matte top coat.