Floral Blues




Take your summer henna florals into autumn by adding more hues of Mythos Nail Stamping Polish. You'll be feeling the beautiful floral blues.
Floral Blues

Here's How

  1. Floral Blues: Step 1
    Paint 1-2 coats of Indikon from the Mythos Nail Stamping Polish collection. Once completely dry, paint a thin layer of the Nail Foil Glue.
  2. Floral Blues: Step 2
    As the glue dries on your nail, begin the stamping process. Apply Annato Clay onto nail stamping plate BM-XL405, scrape, then pick up the design with the Dual Ended Clear Glass Stamper.
  3. Floral Blues: Step 3
    With a Detailing Brush nail tool, color in the flower petals with Turmeric Sun.
  4. Floral Blues: Step 4
    Next, paint the leaves with Tree of Life. Then, the inner part of the flowers with Bam! White polish. Continue on with painting the rest of the flower with Red Sea.
    *TIP: Make sure you clean your nail art brush completely and wipe it off with a towel/cotton each time you switch polish colors.
  5. Floral Blues: Step 5
    Check to make sure that the Nail Glue is dry and has a tacky/sticky texture. Once the glue and stamped design is dry, apply the stamp to your nail. Finish off with the No Smudge Top Coat and clean off any unwanted polish.