Galene Seas




Express your inner Galene Goddess with a negative space manicure using Mythology Nail Stamping Plate BM-XL401.
Galene Seas

Here's How

  1. Galene Seas: Step 1
    Start off with painting on the Calcium Rich Base Coat.
  2. Galene Seas: Step 2
    Apply Indikon from the Mythos Nail Stamping Polish Collection to Mythology Nail Stamping Plate, BM-XL401. Then scrape the polish throughout the design and pick it up with your Clear Glass Stamper.
  3. Galene Seas: Step 3
    Quickly and carefully color in the design on the stamper head with Bam! White polish.
  4. Galene Seas: Step 4
    With the polish on the stamper still tacky, align the design onto your nail. Then clean off any excess polish and finish off with the No Smudge Top Coat to protect your manicure.