Gruesome Treats




Get gruesome for Halloween in Happily Never After nail stamping plate "Sweet Revenge" (BM-XL192) and Grimm's Nightfall nail stamping polishes.
Gruesome Treats

Here's How

  1. Gruesome Treats: Step 1
    On a makeup sponge, apply Mirror, Mirror and Gretel Brittle polish.
  2. Gruesome Treats: Step 2
    Tap 1-2 times on your Lotus Mat to blend the polishes for a gradient effect, then sponge the polish onto your nail.
  3. Gruesome Treats: Step 3
    On Sweet Revenge (BM-XL192), apply Soulless polish onto your favorite designs and use the Scraper Card to spread the polish throughout it. Pick up the design with your Mini Dual Ended Glass Stamper and apply it to your nail. Clean off the excess polish and finish off with your favorite Top Coat

    TIP: After each time you use the nail plate, clean it off with cotton and 100% acetone before you use it again.