Halloween Party




Get ready for one of the most fun and scary nights of the year! Can't forget to decorate those nails, too, with our Halloween Rub On Decals!
Halloween Party

Here's How

  1. Halloween Party: Step 1
    After prepping your nails wtih Calcium Rich Base Coat, paint 1-2 coats of Grey Joy nail stamping polish. Let it dry.
  2. Halloween Party: Step 2
    Place 1 straight Nail Vinyl at the top and bottom 1/4 of your nail.
  3. Halloween Party: Step 3
    Paint Lunar Lines between the 2 nail vinyls and then carefully remove before the polish dries.
  4. Halloween Party: Step 4
    Once the purple polish dries, cut out the candy Halloween Rub On Decal, remove the plastic, and place it onto your nail. Finish off with your favorite Top Coat.