Hawaii Chic




Cool off and escape to a tropical paradise with this simple Hawaii Chic manicure! Using a few polishes and BM-XL110 you can steal this look in five quick steps!
Hawaii Chic

Here's How

  1. hawaii-chic-step1
    On clean prepped nails apply one coat of Angelic White then apply Poli Peel around the cuticle line.
  2. hawaii-chic-step2
    Using a makeup sponge randomly apply Empire Club, Astronomical, Tranceland and Mercury Bassline.
  3. hawaii-chic-step3
    Lightly dab the polish onto the nail.
  4. hawaii-chic-step4
    Select a design from BM-XL110 then apply Angelic White. Using your Glass Stamper stamp the design onto the nail. 
  5. hawaii-chic-step5
    Remove the Poli Peel and any excess polish, finish with Top Coat.