Cute & Broken

Here's How

  1. Cute & Broken: Step 1
    First apply your Gel Base Coat, then 2 coast of Poised Serenity gel polish. For tips on how to apply gel, please refer to our YouTube video, "Everything You Need To Know About Gel Polish Application + Stamping!"
  2. Cute & Broken: Step 2
    Next, with the Painter’s Premium Nail Art Brush dry, grab a small amount of Rave Babe stamping polish and paint 1 or a few strokes onto the nail.
  3. Cute & Broken: Step 3
    Repeat step 2 but with Tranceland stamping polish.
  4. Cute & Broken: Step 4
    Repeat step 3 again but with Jungle Mirage stamping polish.
  5. Cute & Broken: Step 5
    Using Straight Up Black stamping polish, apply polish to stamping plate BM-XL324. Scrape the polish through the design and pick it up the Monocle stamper
  6. Cute & Broken: Step 6
    Mattify the look with Matte Finish Top Coat. For a longer lasting manicure, top it off with the Matte Gel Top Coat.