Holo Clouds




Fly high above the birds with this Holo Clouds manicure! Create your very own nail stamp stickers with the Cosmic Array Sheets!
Holo Clouds

Here's How

  1. holo-clouds-step1
    On a clean prepped base apply Base Coat and a Latex Free Cuticle Protector Wrap.
  2. holo-clouds-step2
    Using a makeup sponge randomly apply Kandi Spirit and Astronomical. Then lightly dab it onto the nail bed until the base is completely opaque.
  3. holo-clouds-step3
    Grab a makeup sponge then apply Curious MatterĀ and dab it all over the pink and blue base.
  4. holo-clouds-step4
    Remove the Latex Free Cuticle Protector Wrap then use a Clean Up Brush and acetone to remove any excess polish.
  5. holo-clouds-step5
    Select a pattern from your Cosmic Array Nail Sticker Sheet then use Tranceland, BM-S316 and your Glass Stamper.
  6. holo-clouds-step6
    Using scissors cut out the design.
  7. holo-clouds-step7
    Remove the paper backing and apply the sticker directly to the nail bed. Finish manicure with Top Coat.