Homeroom Hell

Here's How

  1. Homeroom Hell: Step 1
    Prepare you nails with a coat of Calcium Rich Base Coat and wrap the Cuticle Tape around your cuticle line. 
  2. Homeroom Hell: Step 2
    Apply Bam! White to Special FX nail stamping plate Homeroom Hell (BM-XL455). Then with your scraper card, spread the polish throughout the design and pick it up with your Clear Stamper. Place it directly onto your nail.
  3. Homeroom Hell: Step 3
    On the same plate, find other designs you'd like to apply to the same nail to overlap the first stamped design from Step 1. Use Straight Up Black to repeat the nail stamping process.
  4. Homeroom Hell: Step 4
    Remove the Cuticle Tape and paint 1 coat of No Smudge Top Coat. Once that dries, you can leave it as is for a glossy manicure, or you can paint 1 coat of Matte Top Coat for this same finish.