Ice Queen




Stamp in Hella Holo Powder to recreate this frosty Ice Queen mani using plate BM-XL482 from the Winter Kingdom Collection!

Ice Queen

Here's How

  1. Ice Queen: Step 1
    Start by applying your base, using Frozen Seas. For application instructions, please refer to our How to Gel Your Nails video.
  2. Ice Queen: Step 2
    Apply a Stripe Vinyl about ⅓ above the cuticle line.
  3. Ice Queen: Step 3
    Paint ¾ of the nail with Midnight Madness, then quickly and carefully remove the vinyl.
  4. Ice Queen: Step 4
    Apply a matte top coat over the entire nail.
  5. Ice Queen: Step 5
    Using your Glass Stamper lightly dip it into the Hella Holo Powder, then use your finger to rub it over the entire stamper head and remove any excess powder.
  6. Ice Queen: Step 6
    Grab Midnight Madness and plate Snowflakes Galore (BM-XL482) then select the full nail snowflake design with your stamper. 
  7. Ice Queen: Step 7
    Line up the design so it only covers the dark blue portion of the nail. Then directly apply it onto the nail. Because the surface is matte, only the design will show and the excess powder will not adhere to the nail.
  8. Ice Queen: Step 8
    Use the Glittery Silver Sandy Stripping tape to line the design.
  9. Ice Queen: Step 9
    Cut away the excess tape and remove any seeped polish with the Premium Nail Art Flat Tip Brush. Then apply your favorite matte or regular top coat to protect the design.