Ikat Double-Take




Layer up the same design in different colors to get this beautiful ikat effect.
Ikat Double-Take

Here's How

  1. Ikat Double Take: Step 1
    Start with a prepped nail with the Calcium Rich Base Coat and Poli Peel around your cuticle line. Then layer 2 coats of LOL stamping polish.
  2. Ikat Double Take: Step 2
    Apply Bam! White stamping polish on Festival nail stamping plate BM-S304, and scrape vertically to spread the polish evenly. Then pick up the design with your Stamper and center it on your nail.
  3. Ikat Double Take: Step 3
    On the same stamping plate, use Rave Babe for color on the same design. Slightly adjust the placement of the design so that it doesn't directly line up with the previous stamp on the nail.
  4. Ikat Double Take: Step 4
    Finish off with your favorite Top Coat.