Le French Connection




Visit the Eiffel Tower and eat macarons in a cafe with Le French Connection! Take a tour de France with our Around the World stamping plates!
Le French Connection

Here's How

  1. Le French Connection: Step 1
    Apply a thin layer of Peelable Gel Base and cure.
  2. Le French Connection: Step 2Le French Connection: Step 2B
    Apply a thin layer of Hope and cure. Then apply a second thin layer and cure again.
  3. Le French Connection: Step 3
    Lightly wipe the nail with alcohol and a cotton pad to remove the tacky layer. Using the Parisian Perfection plate and Noir Black follow the The Art of Stamping method and apply the stamped design to nail.
  4.  Le French Connection: Step 4
    Put a small bead of base gel to the center of the bow and add a Gold Stud to accent the design. Then cure for 30 seconds. The base gel will act as an adhesive for the stud to stick to the nail. Clean up the cuticle from any excess stamped polish and seal with a Matte Top Coat then cure.