Lightweaver Escape




Get this sweet Lightweaver Escape manicure created by Love Life Lacquer using the Festival Square Nail Plate Series and Cali Dreamin Gels!
Lightweaver Escape

Here's How

  1. Lightweaver Escape: Step 1
    On clean prepped nailbeds apply one coat of Button Down Speed Gel then cure for 1 minute in a LED or UV lamp. Repeat process. For further gel application instructions, please refer to our How to Gel Your Nails video.
  2. Lightweaver Escape: Step 2
    Using Lightweaver and Escape Velocity, paint half your nail.
  3. Lightweaver Escape: Step 3
    With a Nail Art Brush, blend both the colors together until you get a gradient effect then cure under a UV or LED lamp for 2 minutes. Wipe away the tacky layer with polish remover and a cotton pad.
  4. Lightweaver Escape: Step 4
    Next grab Mayhem Silver Polish and your Stamper set then pick up the mountain design from plate BM-S303 and apply it directly to the nail bed. Apply Gel Top Coat over the entire nail and cure for 1 minute to finish.