Lose Control




Recreate Glitterfingersss' cute Lose Control mani with our Electro Glo Stamping Polishes and Musik City Plate Collection!
Lose Control

Here's How

  1. lose-control-step1
    On a clean prepped nail apply two coats of your favorite base color then apply Poli Peel around your cuticle line.
  2. lose-control-step2
    Using and your Glass Stamper and your Rave Babe polish stamp the selected design from plate Mega Beats/Kings of the Beat (m122) directly to your nail.
  3. lose-control-step3
    Using your Stamper and Straight-Up Black pick up the desired image from plate Eat, Sleep, DJ, Repeat/So Cool (m120). 
  4. lose-control-step4
    Next grab your Nail Art Brush and Electro Glo stamping polishes. Color in the design and once the decal is dry apply Top Coat.
  5. lose-control-step5
    Apply Top Coat to your nail then quickly place your new decal in the desired position. Remove the Poli Peel and any excess polish with a Clean Up Brush. Finish the manicure with Top Coat.