Love and Floral




If you love floral prints, then try this manicure out! Featuring Blogger Collaboration Nail Stamping Plate: @blackqueennailsdesign.
Love and Floral

Here's How

  1. Love and Floral: Step 1
    After prepping you nail with Calcium Rich Base Coat and surrounding the cuticle line with Cuticle Protecting Tape, paint half of a heart at the tip of your fingernail with Lilac Mist nail polish.
  2. Love and Floral: Step 2
    Next, with Blogger Collaboration Nail Stamping Plate: Black Queen Nails Design (BM-XL221), paint Malachite nail polish at the corner of a design in a heart-shaped form, similar to the one you painted on your nail in Step 1. Then, scrape the polish throughout the design and pick it up with your Clear Stamper
  3. Love and Floral: Step 3
    Right after picking up the design, place it directly on top of the painted area of your nail. If any of the design extends off the polished area, use a Clean Up Brush with acetone to erase the unwanted polish.
  4. Love and Floral: Step 4
    For some gold embellishment, add a metal stud from Golden Goddess. Seal the manicure with No Smudge Top Coat.