Luminescent Moonbeams




Feel the luminescence at the tip of your fingers with Madam Luck’s glowing mani. Our Moonbeams Stamping Polishes does just the trick!

Luminescent Moonbeams

Here's How

  1. Luminescent Moonbeams: Step 1
    On a clean prepped nail apply Base Coat and one coat of Noir Black.
  2. Luminescent Moonbeams: Step 2
    Then apply a matte Top Coat.
  3. Luminescent Moonbeams: Step 3
    Paint Poli Peel around the cuticle line to avoid additional clean up. Then grab BM-S407 and the Moonbeams Polishes, apply all three colors to the plate to create the perfect gradient.
  4. Luminescent Moonbeams: Step 4
    Using your Stamper and Scraper pick up the design then directly place it on the nail.
  5. Luminescent Moonbeams: Step 5
    Remove the Paint Poli Peel, then use your Clean Up Brush and acetone to wipe away any excess polish around your nails. (To keep the matte vs shiny effect applying top coat over the finished stamped design is not recommended.)