Major Stud

Here's How

  1. Major Stud: Step 1
    Apply a Base Coat, and then paint 2 coats of Rocko Wear on 3/4 of your nail, leaving a few millimeters of the nail from the cuticle line unpainted.
  2. Major Stud: Step 2
    Paint the remaining of the nail with Yummy Gummy. Use a Detailing Brush to clean up your curved line with additional polish.
  3. Major Stud: Step 3
    Once the polish is dry, place the Teenage Dream Nail Art Vinyl onto the nail and firmly press to remove any air bubbles. *Cut the vinyl to help shape it to your nail if necessary.
  4. Major Stud: Step 4
    Using Yummy Gummy, paint over the nail vinyl, then quickly and carefully remove the vinyl before it dries.
  5. Major Stud: Step 5
    Apply Matte Top Coat, then place Gold Round Dart Studs around the bottom Yummy Gummy portion of the nail.