Marquesas Magic




Add a little Marquesas Magic to your fingertips with this cute ombre manicure created by Beaching Nails ! Get this stylish nail art in 5 simple steps with our Polynesian Stamping Plate Collection and our Creative Art Polishes Set !

Marquesas Magic

Here's How

  1. Marquesas Magic: Step 1
    Apply one coat of Angelic White and wait 10 minutes for the polish to dry.
  2. Marquesas Magic: Step 2
    Apply random drops of Electric Pink and Sunshine Yellow from the Creative Art Stamping Polishes Set 2 onto plate BM-XL114.
  3. Marquesas Magic: Step 3
    Grab your Scraper and swipe downward to create a gradient effect.
  4. Marquesas Magic: Step 4
    Stamp directly onto your dried nail bed.
  5. Marquesas Magic: Step 5
    Clean any excess polish around your cuticle with a Clean Up Brush and apply your Top Coat to finish.