Metallic Daydream




Stamp on a personalized marble design and top it off with modern Myth Metallic Gold Stickers. This manicure will do all the daydreaming for you.
Metallic Daydream

Here's How

  1. Metallic Daydream: Step 1
    *TIP: Before you begin, apply Poli-Peel to your cuticle line. This will lessen the clean-up after you apply your marble design.

    On your Lotus Mat, paint thick coats of Bam! White in a large rectangle.
  2. Metallic Daydream: Step 2
    Using your selected nail polishes, randomly apply dots on your puddle of Bam! White.
  3. Metallic Daydream: Step 3
    With a Marble Nail Tool, spread the colors throughout the Bam! White polish to create a marble design.
  4. Metallic Daydream: Step 4
    Pick up the polish with a large Nail Stamper and then apply to your nail. 
  5. Metallic Daydream: Step 5
    Apply the desired Metallic Nail Sticker onto your nail once the polish dries. Then finish off with your favorite Top Coat.