Mi Amor




Show your true self in sexy red and black lace, Mi Amor! Glitterfingersss shows us how!
Mi Amor

Here's How

  1. Mi Amor: Step 1
    Start off with a clean and prepped with our Gel Base Coat. Apply 2 thin coats of Peaceful Harmony. For application instructions, please refer to our How to Gel Your Nails video.
  2. Mi Amor: Step 2
    Apply Straight Up Black onto stamping plate ​BM-XL302 and scrape the polish throughout the desired design. Then pick up the design with the ​Monocle​ ​Stamper​.
  3. Mi Amor: Step 3
    Color in the design on stamper with Red Hot.
  4. Mi Amor: Step 4
    Stamp the design onto the lower half of your nail.
  5. Mi Amor: Step 5
    Repeat step 2, and stamp it directly onto the nail at the top. Clean up any unwanted polish with a Clean-Up Brush, and finish off with No-Smudge Top Coat for a glossy look. For a longer lasting design, finish your manicure with our Gel Top Coat.