Midas Touch




Express yourself with the touch of Midas by accessorizing with Myth Metallic Nail Stickers on Mythos Stamping Polish Colors.
Midas Touch

Here's How

  1. Golden Experience: Step 1
    After prepping your nails with Calcium Rich Base Coat, place a Straight Vinyl or Striping Tape 3/4 down from your nail tip and paint 1 stripe of Red Sea polish from the Mythos Nail Stamping Polish Collection.
  2. Golden Experience: Step 2
    Paint another stripe with Indikon and then Tree of Life nail stamping polish.
  3. Golden Experience: Step 3
    Remove the nail vinyl/tape. Then, once the polish is dry, place the solid stripe Myth Metallic Gold Sticker at the bottom of the 3 painted stripes.
  4. Golden Experience: Step 4
    Place another Myth Metallic Gold Sticker design onto the polished section and then finish off with your favorite Top Coat.