Midnight Dreary




Once upon a midnight dreary, b.m.c. released an awesome nail stamping plate inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. Recreate his tales of mystery on your fingertips.
Midnight Dreary

Here's How

  1. Midnight Dreary: Step 1
    After prepping your nails with the Calcium Rich Base Coat, paint 1-2 coats of Lunar Lines.
  2. Midnight Dreary: Step 2
    With your favorite grey polish, such as Storm Cloud, pick up the trees from BM-S241 using a Clear Stamper. Then place it to one side of your nail.
  3. Midnight Dreary: Step 3
    Using the same grey polish and nail stamping plate, pick up the group of birds and place it to the other side of your nail. Then finish off with a Top Coat.