Moves Like Jagged




Get back in shape with our New Modern Nail Stamping Starter Kit! Geometric patterns and modern optical art designs help your manicure pop for a funky look with any outfit. Use high contrasting colors for emphasized depth or keep it neutral for something chic.
Moves Like Jagged

Here's How

  1. Moves Like Jagged: Step 1
    Prep your nails with Calcium Rich Base Coat.
  2. Moves Like Jagged: Step 2
    On M010, "Shape Up," apply Freedom Ring nail stamping polish onto the featured nail design. With the scraper card, spread the polish throughout the design and pick it up with the Clear Ice Cube Stamper
  3. Moves Like Jagged: Step 3
    Remove any of the lines you don't want using scotch tape. Then color in the design with Delirium.

    TIP: Use a generous amount of polish and be gentle when coloring in the design. Too little and to hard of pressure will distort the image.
  4. Moves Like Jagged: Step 4
    Once the colored-in design is about 90% dry, apply it to the top of your nail to create a modern "french-tip" look. Then protect the nail art by applying 1-2 coats of No Smudge Top Coat.