Musik Mix




Get Glitterfingersss' Musik City mix and fist pump with this awesome manicure!
Musik Mix

Here's How

  1. Musik Mix: Step 1
    After prepping your nails with a Base Coat on the nail and Poli Peel around your cuticle lines, use Tranceland to pick up the design from BM-S310. Then stamp directly onto the nail.
  2. Musik Mix: Step 2
    Repeat the stamping process from Step 1 but using Kandi Spirit and stamping with the design slightly off from the 1st stamp.
  3. Musik Mix: Step 3
    Repeat the stamping process from Step 1 but using Mercury Bassline and stamping in the opposite direction from the first stamp.
  4. Musik Mix: Step 4
    With Straight Up Black, paint a french tip over the stamped designs.
    *You can also use a vinyl or tape to help shape your french tip. 
  5. Musik Mix: Step 5
    Again, with Straight Up Black stamping polish, apply it to Eat, Sleep, DJ, Repeat/So Cool (m120), and center it onto the nail.

  6. Musik Mix: Step 6
    Complete your manicure with a Matte or Glossy Top Coat