Namaste Nails




Find your inner peace with these modern groovy Namaste Nails created by Madam Luck using the BMXL-175 yoga inspired plate from the Work It Stamping Collection!
Namaste Nails

Here's How

  1. Namaste Nails: Step 1
    Apply 2 coats of Angelic White then wait for polish to completely dry.
  2. Namaste Nails: Step 2
    Select four of your favorite polishes and apply random dots all over the nail bed.
  3. Namaste Nails: Step 3
    Using saran wrap or a plastic bag gently place it over the nail and gently dab until the polish creates a soft fade then remove wrap.
  4. Namaste Nails: Step 4
    Apply a thick layer of Speed Dry Top Coat, then wait 10 minutes or until the polish is completely dry.
  5. Namaste Nails: Step 5
    Grab your Stamper, Scraper Card, and your Inner Peace Nail Plate, pick up the stamped image and apply it directly to the nail bed.
  6. Namaste Nails: Step 6
    Next, using a Clean Up Brush remove any excess polish and apply your top coat!