Night-Blooming Wallflower




Dance with these beautiful creatures in the night and feel alive. Featuring Botanicals Nail Stamping Plate Collection.
Night-Blooming Wallflower

Here's How

  1. Night-Blooming Wallflower: Step 1
    On a clean nail, start by applying Calcium Rich Base Coat onto your nail and Mani Mask around the cuticle line on your finger. Then paint 1-2 coats of Shadow Chaser nail polish. Let it dry.
  2. Night-Blooming Wallflower: Step 2
    Apply Teardrop nail stamping polish to your favorite design on Botanicals nail stamping plate, Frondescence/Moonglade Bridge (m069). With your Scraper Card at a 45 degree angle to the nail plate, spread the polish throughout the design. Quickly pick up the design with your Clear Glass Stamper and apply the image directly onto the nail. 
  3. Night-Blooming Wallflower: Step 3
    Repeat step 2 but using Bam! White nail stamping polish and Botanicals nail stamping plate, Moth Mosaic/Golden Afternoon (m066).
  4. Night-Blooming Wallflower: Step 4
    Finish up this manicure by sealing the design using your favorite Top Coat.

    *TIP: We used No Smudge Top Coat to keep the design clean and prevent any bleeding in the design.